Wendee Sawran

Wendee Sawran started in the hospitality industry, working with major hotel brands and learning the ins and outs of hospitality management. This allowed her the opportunity to travel the nation—from Alaska to New Orleans to Key West, just to name a few. Later, she was involved in the Caribbean travel industry, with a spotlight on destination weddings.

In 2005, Wendee started Lucie’s Weddings & Events and shifted her focus to event planning and designing. During her time at Lucie’s, she gained not only knowledge of floral design, but also a passion for the creativity floral design embodies. This eventually led to all things décor—floral, props, lighting and more. As she started to take on her own clients, she realized this was her true calling. Two years later, unexpected elements (now known as Wendee Sawran Petals & Decor, an event design, full-service floral and décor rental company, was born. Specializing in anything related to a soirée, unexpected elements serviced mainly the Austin and San Antonio areas, but also traveled throughout Texas and pretty much anywhere a good margarita could be found.

Favorite things: Giant dahlias, donuts and puppies of all ages, shapes and sizes.
Best part of being a floral designer: Seeing client’s faces with the finished product/design.


Melony Rodwell

Meet Melony Rodwell. Inspired by the arts from a very young age, Melony thrives on living life creatively. Though formally trained in Interior Design, she finds herself constantly dabbing in an array of mediums, trying to satisfy her (seemingly insatiable) creative itch. With every project, Melony aims to go all out, pushing the envelope to transform ordinary ideas and projects into something unexpected and fabulous. Being a part of the floral and event industry allows her to throw her love for flowers, a great party and her need to style everything she can get her hands on into a big bubbly blender. The result? The best creative milkshake she could ever ask for.

Melony’s favorite things: Her two awesome kiddos, treasure hunting for vintage finds and a good glass of red and dark chocolate.
And she cites the best part of her job as getting her hands dirty and creating something beautiful, all while working with great people to get the job done.


Our in-house BBB (big beautiful…brain); Chelsa, aka “Cha Cha”, is more left-brained than most designers, and more OCD than most cats. Chelsa will be toting a dust bin, a baby and shouting off the time and how many minutes remain at each event install. She’s more comfortable behind the scenes, but rallies when it’s time to shine. This self-described extroverted-introvert studied art and creative writing and finds a happy balance in the WSP studio.

Chelsa’s favorite things:  Dogs with squishy faces, cats with no hair, cookies of all varieties, old horror flicks, and coding.

Favorite����part of the job:  Being a part of someone’s “best day ever”, and the dream team she gets to spend her weeks with!


hadley Hadley (aka “Shop Dog”)

You can probably catch Hadley, aka “Shop Dog,” at Home Depot, Four Seasons or just riding in the cargo van assisting with setups. This 90 lb. gal is all about the journey and not the destination.

Some of Hadley’s favorite things include peonies, horses and the dirtiest tennis ball in the park.