Aug 29, 2014: “Wendee Sawran Petals + Decor commented on your Pin…”

“PS I did this shoot!”

There it was; proof. Wendee officially knew I liked her work on a personal level and not just in a ‘you sign my paycheck’ way.  The gals at Wendee Sawran’s studio are like a family of sorts, laughing at terrible jokes mid floral arrangement, enjoying a lovely meal together after a successful event, or criticizing one another’s driving… Albeit dysfunctional, a family nonetheless, and if we all know anything about family it’s that we never acknowledge liking each other, right?

So as I scrolled back over the photos I had fallen in love with however many weeks or months ago on a Green Wedding Shoes feature, I shook my head in awe, as a tiny flicker of pride radiated from within that this shoot was styled by our own, Wendee Sawran Petals + Decor (formally Unexpected Elements). What a perfect opportunity to share the unexpected in our debut blog post. I hope y’all will enjoy this eye candy as much as my Pinterest feed did!

Floral:  Wendee Sawran Petals + Decor, formally Unexpected Elements// Photography:  Diana M. Lott PhotographySMS Photography, and Eclectic Images

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